When You Get Your "Build The Wall" Coin, We'll Send A Foam BRICK To Nancy Pelosi's Office To Send A Powerful Message!

YOU get this piece of history...
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Let's show the OPEN BORDERS obstructionist Democrats WE THE PEOPLE Demand The Wall by FLOODING Nancy Pelosi's office with BUILD THE WALL Bricks! 

Get your BUILD THE WALL JFK Half Dollar today & we'll send a foam brick to Nancy!

Nancy Pelosi & the Democrats are holding our government hostage because she doesn't care about the safety of the American people!!! We've had enough of the Democrats prioritizing illegals over Americans!

Imagine Nancy's disgust when boxes and boxes of Build The Wall Bricks arrive at her office! 

Don't miss the special surprise for Nancy's dear friend Chuck Schumer immediately following your order!

19,823 bricks ordered out of our 25,000 goal!
Hundreds of patriots have left a message for Nancy on the checkout page, here's what some of them had to say:

Shawn V – IN
"Nancy, when are you going to remove your doors from your house, so anyone can come on in when they want? "

Gabriel V – CA
"My mother and I had to wait for immigration papers to process, and stand in long lines to wait our turn, when I was 5 yrs old. I am a US Military VET. WHY NOT EVERY ONE ELSE? "

Brandie D - MO
"Stop being a hypocrite and protect the people who LEGALLY elected you to PROTECT them. "

Read more messages at the bottom of this page or click below to send your brick, claim your coin, & leave Nancy a friendly message!

Claim yourself a piece of history AND do your part by sending a message to the Democrats! 

Don't miss the special surprise for Nancy's dear friend Chuck Schumer immediately following your order!

Will you be supporting the goal of sending 50,000 Build The Wall Bricks directly to Nancy Pelosi?

We'll do the work of sending a brick to Nancy and you'll get your very own Build The Wall coin for yourself! You can even add a special message if you'd like or you can remain anonymous! Remember, if you buy 1 coin for yourself, we'll send 1 brick to Nancy! If you buy 2 coins for yourself, we'll send 2 bricks to Nancy!

$19.95 + FREE SHIPPING! (Plus We'll Cover The Cost of Nancy's Bricks)

Help us hit the goal of flooding Pelosi's office with 25,000 bricks!

As of Monday, February 13th:
19,823 SOLD!!!
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  • Made in the USA!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
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  •  $19.95 TODAY ($40 VALUE) + We'll Cover All The Costs of Nancy's Bricks!
  • Full- Color Certificate of Authenticity
  •  Premium Coin Capsule
  •  Coin Display Stand
We The People DEMAND Congress To Do Its Job & Protect The American People From Gangs, Drugs, and Savages from Pouring Across our Border!

Unless you work for CNN or voted for Hillary, there's a very good chance you'll love your Build The Wall coin. BUT, if you don't like it, you can send it back for a full refund! We'll even cover the return shipping cost! 
Where are you sending Nancy Pelosi's brick?

We're sending them to her offices in Washington D.C. & San Francisco in weekly shipments until she does her duty and protects the American people!

How are they made?

Our team of patriots in New York applies the Border Wall design to a Genuine Legal Tender JFK Half Dollar through a revolutionary technique which produces the highest quality colorization in the world!

When can I expect them to arrive?

Your coin will be shipped & delivered to you in 3 to 7 business days! Nancy will be receiving her bricks in weekly shipments until she does her duty and protects the American people!

How can I contact you?


Phone: 651-888-8622

Live Chat (Bottom Right)

How can I help?

Please share this campaign on your social media and with your friends and family! Let's spread the message to remind Nancy why PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP won in 2016! Use hashtag #BuildItNancy when you receive yours and share a photo on social media!

Share this campaign & spread the word!
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More messages from WE THE PEOPLE that are including the boxes of bricks to Pelosi:
Angela T – VA

Ken M – NY
America and Americans FIRST! Make America Great Again!

Shawn V – IN
Nancy, when are you going to remove your doors from your house, so anyone can come on in when they want?

Kay T – FL
I think you should house all the illegals since, they are more important to you than American citizens!

Harry B - AZ
Build that wall! Protect the people of the USA.

Carolyn F - TN

Judy C - TX

Thomas H - NV
Make America great Nancy please build the wall!

Nancy Pelosi: may I remind you that the USA is a sovereign country, and as such we are entitled to protection and safety as a Citizen! You need to STOP sending or providing monies for Foreign countries while denying us our Constitutional Rights!

Thomas E - CA
Your party's double standards continue to threaten this country's stability. Now, get rid of that selfish attitude and give the country a chance to heal; otherwise, your attitude will continue to deepen the wounds within the country.

Phillip C - AR
You should resign for Treason to this country.

John E - CA

James B - NE
Build the wall. Protect America not illegals. Unless you want them to live with you.

Beverly R - TX
Support Americans NOT Illegals!

Blaine L - CO

Lucia M - PA
You Agreed to Fully Fund Jordan the $500 Million to Build a Wall along their Iraqi Border which is being Constructed presently to insure their Peoples Safety and yet you have such distant for the American Citizens that you discount the Urgency for Our Border Wall To Protect Our Sovereignty of the United States of America.

Barbara F - AZ
Nancy Pelosi, the American people want their Country to be a safe place for all Legal Americans. That must include a safe country, that means using all possible ways to keep it safe! THAT INCLUDES SAFE, WALLED BORDERS. THINK OF ALL THE PLACES WHERE THERE ARE WALLS---- THE WHITE HOUSE, GATED-HOUSING AREAS, Retirement houses, Schools etc. ARE YOUR HOME AND VINEYARD PROTECTED BY A GATE OR WALL? IF SO, WHY??

Sherry M - CO
How many more Americans must die at the hands of people who should not be in our country before you & your fellow democrats do the right thing & fund the wall?

Brenda P - MD
Do your job! You were sent to Washington to serve the PEOPLE. Build the wall and protect our sovereignty.

David O -TX
It is about National Security, build the wall!

Karrie F - NY
HEY, #AntiAmerican #Obstructionist @NancyPelosi STOP going against our @POTUS @realDonaldTrump and #WeThePeople #FundTheWall #BuildTheWall #SchumerPelosiShutdown Enjoy your brick!

Jill B - OH
Put U.S. citizens first instead of illegal immigrants!! Think of our citizens instead of trying to further your party agenda. Shame on you, Mrs. Pelosi. Not wanting to protect U.S. citizens is going to hurt your party in 2020.

Jackie G - VA
Build the damn wall and support the President.

Larry C - TN
The equivalent of one full Boeing 737 dies every week at the hands of illegals. You are guilty of causing undo death of Americans. Stop your illegal behavior now!

Katherine N - WA
Nancy, you wanted a wall before. Now is the time. BUILD THE WALL NOW.

James D - CT
The Democrats today are not the JFK Democrats. You are not for the American people or the immigrants, it’s all about the Money.

Brandie D - MO
Stop being a hypocrite and protect the people who LEGALLY elected you to PROTECT them.

Katherine C - TX
Build the wall, you said in the past that you support NO open borders!

Tony M - TX
Quit obstructing!!!! And show some respect too. Our great President Trump. He is doing a great JOB!!!!! God bless you Mr. PRESIDENT TRUMP. AND GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

Loretta H - OH
Yes, we want that wall to keep us safe, don't be an ignoramus, do what is right for our country.

Jeff F – NY
Americans want border security. You did too until Trump became President. Please do what the voters want. You were elected to protect Americans. Please do the right thing and stand on the side of law and order!

Franklin F - ID
Build the damn wall and protect our country or maybe we'll start tearing down the wall surrounding your taxpayer paid castle.

Joe D - PA
Nancy, your obstructionist views are hurting the people of our country. Please reconsider your position on this most important issue.

Adrian H - IL
America is the greatest place on earth. I'm offended the Democrats are doing everything they can to make us an also ran third world waste land. Send all non-citizens home now and bill their home country.

Marilu H – MN
You were elected to protect the American people. be responsible, do it. you are a hypocrite, allowing all illegals to enter the US without any means to protect the American citizens and/or to ensure jobs for illegals or a means for them to care for themselves. Americans first! understand?

Jerome W - KY

Beverly S - NY
We teach our children conflict resolution and then we have to listen to this junk. Keep Americans safe.

Delores D - KS
Fund the wall, please!

Cindy C - TX
Good Grief Nancy! Just build the dang wall!

Michael A - NC
Do what We the People want not what you want!

Diane C - FL
Build the wall or take the wall around your house down and give up your security because you're against guns.

Marie N - PA
If you really, really love Americans, (as much as President Trump does) then you will listen to the majority of us and build that Wall. If you don't care about us Americans then that will show your true colors and we will have to consider you a Traitor to America. Why worry about the illegals more than your own fellow Americans? You can baby them when they enter the US legally. Please think hard. If you prefer to allow any type of illegal into America then I challenge you, Nancy, to keep your own doors unlocked all the time. Then you can welcome strangers in any time they want to find asylum. BUILD THAT WALL!!! Please!

Paul K - FL
Make a wall in your office to keep illegals out. Walls are necessary.

Robyn W – MD

Mary R – GA
Build the Wall - then pass immigration reform to eliminate birthright citizenship, eliminate chain immigration and change lottery immigration to merit based immigration. A must to save our Country.

Robert H – IL
Do the job you swore an oath to and protect the Constitution of the United States of AMERICA!!!!!

Alex R – PA
Stop gambling our National Security with your despicable attempt to win popularity with illegal immigrants and their foolish supporters! As a military veteran of this great nation, I find your conduct dangerous, unacceptable and un-American.

Margaret P – AZ
How do you defend against foreign enemies at the border without a wall? You've failed so far - You Broke Your Oath of Office!

James S – KY
I’m a 23-year veteran and we need a WALL, better than a 4ft fence!!! PLEASE put the AMERICAN CITIZENS first!!!! Thank You & GOD Bless.

Christina H – NC
Nancy, please get the Border wall built! The American people need and want it now.

Elizabeth E – CA
"Speaker Pelosi Build the wall. The only Immoral thing in California and the USA is how the Democratic party has given American lives up for Votes. Shame on you FYI I am Hispanic and former Democratic I walked away."

James W – AZ
"Why is it you have a wall all the way around your home and security but refuse to help secure the wall for the American people?"

Gabriel V – CA
"My mother and I had to wait for immigration papers to process, and stand in long lines to wait our turn, when I was 5 yrs old. I am a US Military VET. WHY NOT EVERY ONE ELSE? "

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